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How to Cook with Wood Chips and Chunks
How to use our Smoking Woods and Cooking Planks
Grilling with wood may just be the easiest way to becoming a "gourmet" chef since man first tasted meat cooked with fire.
Cooking with wood brings back that unmistakable flavor of the wide open range, a deep woods campsite or fire pit at the shore. It is a fun and flavorful first step to a great dining and entertaining experience.
* Wood chips and chunks flavor your food with smoke.
* Rectangle grilling planks do that as well but as the plank burns the flames lap at the meat which can add a wonderful crispy edge to the salmon or whatever you're cooking. Planks can be used on a gas or propane grill or even in the oven or broiler! They're not just for summer! You can cook a holiday feast on planks in the oven any time of the year.
How to Use Wood Chips and Chunks
* Charcoal Grill: Once your coals are grey, place your chips or chunks directly on the charcoal. Use chips if your grilling time will be less than 10 minutes. Use chunks for longer cooking times.

* Propane Grill & Smoking Chunks: Place the chunks on the grilling surface next to and around the meat. Propane BBQ's are not meant to have wood in the burner area so put them on the grill right alongside the meat. They will burn and smoke! Put the lid down on your grill so that your food will absorb the great smoke flavor.

* Propane Grill & Smoking Chips: Chips are smaller and require a little extra effort. Wrap your chips in aluminum foil and punch lots of holes in it. Put the foil down near the flame under the grill (faster smoke) or right on top of the grill next to the food. Either way you will get smoke!

* Some Chips and Chunks Tips:
* Soaking of the chips or chunks extends their life in the fire but does not add or detract from the smoke flavor they provide.
* The key to a successfully smoked entrée is the temperature control and the length of time in the smoking process. Experiment with different techniques and recipes until you find just the right one for you.
* Add a little originality to your recipe! Soak your chips or chunks in apple juice, wine, brandy, or other liquids to add additional subtle flavors to your entree.
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